He’s the Pitts … BAC salute outgoing chairman Damo

Biggleswade Athletic Club’s committee tonight says thank you to Damien Pitts, who – following Monday’s AGM – is stepping down as chairman and brings an end to over a decade on the club committee.

“Damo” has been a stalwart member of BAC since he was at primary school, aged 11. A talented athlete from a young age, with an easy, languid style many members can now spot from half a mile away, he would often insist on tugging the coat-tails of the seniors to join them for five-mile training runs around Biggleswade. His devotion to the sport and to his club was therefore ingrained from these formative years, and in adulthood he has carried that forward in volunteering his time in so much that the club organises and participates in.

He first joined the committee 13 years ago, under Nigel Bush’s chairmanship. Four years later he became both the men’s road running captain and road secretary.

Damien’s positive outlook and inane grin have annoyed members for several decades

The following year he took the helm for the ever-popular Schools’ Cross Country Relays. Two years on, he progressed to become Nigel’s right-hand man as vice-chairman, before making the leap from apprentice to master as he became chair himself in 2016.

In among all this, he has managed the club’s participation in the Round Norfolk Relay, been senior marshal of the Sandy 10, as well as coaching the senior road-running group (back when it was singular) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He has organised – and assures members he will continue to organise – the much-loved Fairy Run, and although his handicapping for this festive fixture can leave something to be desired, he has been on steadier ground unpicking the age-graded results for club championship road races.

Former chairman Nigel Bush (right) was a dogged companion during Damo’s flirtations with both transvestism and beard-growing

His organisation of the London Marathon support squad each year is of particular note, with his attention to detail such that BAC members have a table and a cooked breakfast in front of them seemingly microseconds before the queue for now nonexistent seats is out beyond the greasy spoon’s door.

His committee duties in recent years, particularly as chairman, have required him to park his coaching responsibilities, but he has always made it clear that he is extremely keen to get stuck in once more – members will we are sure be delighted to see him back rubbing his hands in glee pre-training before revealing what tortures await.

As is traditional within the Biggleswade Athletic Club family, Damo does not scrub up well

On a sour note, one female member requested we put on record how appalling he is as a dining companion, and warns any lady sharing a table with him to always check their handbags before leaving in case it has sprouted any cutlery. We are happy to do so. The Membership Secretary has sent her apologies for tonight’s AGM, but we understand has a tale to tell of having to go back to one particular establishment to return goods she had unwittingly stolen.

There are plenty more ways in which Mr Pitts has contributed to Biggleswade Athletic Club, and we are sure he will continue to do so as a rank-and-file member – Damo and volunteering appear inseparable. For now, we are enormously grateful for his efforts, his energy, his warmth and his empathy during a spell that was not always smooth sailing for the club, and which indeed has endured some incredibly sad days. Yet he leaves the committee with the club in a great place, and a membership blessed with international up-and-comers, reigning county champions, but – just as importantly – hard-workers, triers and improvers dead set on beating their best marks, whatever their level, and a vibrant crop of youngsters who we can only hope show a fraction of the long-term dedication to the club that he has.

Damo can frequently be found copying numbers from one bit of paper on to another bit of paper

Still only a ridiculously young thing, may his days ahead be filled with all the Lego, rally cars, Airfix models and ice cream money can buy. Many thanks Damo – your committee colleagues, and we are absolute sure the membership at large, salute you.

When club secretary Hannah found Damo after a prolonged search effort, his tongue had been protruding from his mouth for nearly 72 hours

Huge thanks to Jules Mackay for contributing photos for this piece

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