The final hill … Three Counties XC round-up as season finale arrives

Biggleswade Athletic Club’s cross-country runners now turn their attention to the conclusion of the Three Counties XC season in Wootton on Sunday. In the last two fixtures, the ladies – defending league champions – saw their team-scoring quartet of Broom, Morgan, Natalie Garner and Bailey take top spot in Letchworth, while Broom, Morgan, Bailey and Juty mustered a collective third spot on a punishing course in Ampthill. This leaves the standings drum-tight with North Herts Road Runners leading the league on 48 points on individual positions countback from Wellingborough & District AC, who have the same tally. Yet BAC, just two points behind on 46, can still have a say in the race for the team title.

Team BAC at Ampthill. Photo by Nick Spavins

Combined with the men’s team, for which Steven Baldwin was an excellent 21st and 28th finisher at the last two fixtures, the club as a whole are in sixth place, and runners will be paying particular attention to the progress of fifth-placed Rugby & Northampton AC, who lie three points ahead overall.

Julie Spavins gave her thoughts on the challenge at Ampthill: “My first attempt at this course, and it was a real toughie! Hills, tree roots, bumpy hillocks attempting to trip us up … but a lovely location, worth a separate visit to admire the views which I missed because I was watching my feet!

“I was in amongst some familiar faces from previous races, some got ahead of me an the ups, but I caught them back on the downs. And towards the end several dropped back leaving me with just one or two immediate competitors. At the end Giles Hawthorne dropped back to encourage me round the last part and up the very nasty hill climb to the finish post – and I made it! A fabulous team effort once again.”

At the time of writing, overnight rain is forecast for Wootton on Sunday. Enjoy!

Thanks to Nick Spavins for brilliant photos from our cross-country fixtures – members can find many more on the BAC members’ Facebook page


Letchworth overall finishing positions

21 Steven Baldwin
53 Nick Haworth
54 Hannah Broom (3rd scoring female)
73 Rob Morgan
76 Marcus Davey
89 Natalie Morgan (5th scoring female)
101 Charlie Arnold
115 Natalie Garner (10th scoring female)
121 Emma Bailey (11th scoring female)
130 John Stott
131 Malcolm Steward
145 Damien Pitts
209 Deborah Bryant
220 Kathryn Juty
223 Neil Harvey
252 Sarah Jane Seaman
262 Nigel Bush
264 Ian Grimwood
296 Simon Strong
329 Jennie Day
345 Juliet Grimwood
361 Helen Steward
372 Julie Spavins
376 Colin Harries
383 Gareth Saynor
384 Louise Pike

Ampthill overall finishing positions

28 Steven Baldwin
66 Hannah Broom (3rd scoring female)
91 Marcus Davey
98 Aaron Ball
110 Paul Cooke
118 Charlie Arnold
127 Natalie Morgan (10th scoring female)
136 Natalie Garner (12th scoring female)
150 John Stott
158 Malcolm Steward
170 Damien Pitts
238 Kathryn Juty (39th scoring female)
255 Neil Harvey
274 Sarah Jane Seaman
306 Ian Grimwood
347 Robin Wynde
354 Jennie Day
395 Maria Merridan
402 Gareth Saynor
408 Julie Spavins
409 Giles Hawthorne
410 Juliet Grimwood
421 Colin Harries
436 Jacqui Chan

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