Breaking 1:30 … Broom bursts through barrier at Great Eastern Run

Nine BAC runners took to Peterborough in mid-October to compete in the Perkins Great Eastern Run, a day which turned out to be particularly fruitful for the club secretary.

Hannah Broom writes:

It was absolutely chucking it down with rain on a Sunday morning – yep it was race day! I was going to try to beak 1hr30mins for a half marathon. I have been training really hard for a few months, being careful what I have been eating, weight training in the gym to recover from my shoulder injury and sticking like glue to a personalised training plan written specifically for me by Coach Paul Davies at Biggleswade Athletic Club and this was a good test as to where I was and if my ambitious time was possible. What the hell, I would still have to run a long run today even if I did not take part and I had already paid for this privilege, and you get a nice T-shirt so I was going to Peterborough no matter the weather.

Paul Cooke made me start near the front, sliding in behind the elites and fast guys, I did not want to, I was too far forward, we almost had a fall out, I was nervous, I should not be this far in the pack, but Paul insisted I should be there due to my recent performances … We were off.

The start is a little bumpy, it is narrow and twisty, you just have to go with it, through the town and out the other side. I got in with a group of guys and hung on to them, let them take the bumps and set the pace. A quick look down at the watch, no good, I did not believe it, the buildings in the town were messing with the GPS so I decided to run to feel and stay with the small pack I was in. Out the town, away from the buildings, a quick check, oops too fast, so I drop back a little and settle down and settle in to what felt like a good steady pace that was manageable. I had forgotten about the rain.

I was having a great run, I felt comfortable, I was chatting to other runners, I high-fived the kids and had a little boogie with the Heart FM stand, we were half way and I felt great. I was ignoring my watch, it said I was going too fast, I thought the rain was messing with it.

At 10 miles, the pack I was with started to make a surge, I decided to go too, we all moved on, it was quit twisty, up and down curbs trying to maintain the racing line and then I spot her, a girl, the competitor in me is out, I realise I am gaining, I got nearer and realise there are three girls. This is no longer a training race for me, it is now a race. The competitor is out, that is three female places I can move up so I overtake all three in quick succession, I am moving way too quick and way too early but what the hell, lets see what happens, I felt good and it is good to test the boundaries sometimes.

The course comes off the road and twists and turns through what feels like the longest footpath in the world. 400m to go reads the sign, one lap of the track, I can do this, I keep pushing and then I can see it and it is a sprint finish for the line, I overtake another three men on my charge for the finish. I absolutely cannot believe that I have broken my goal not by a few seconds but by 4 minutes, giving me a finishing time of 1hr 26 mins! Turns out watches are right after all!

I had beaten my previous personal best by 13 minutes, I was 20th female finisher (including the elites) and yes I am still smiling to myself!


180 Paul Cooke 1:25:10
204 Hannah Broom 1:26:33
438 Charles Arnold 1:34:36
1027 Kathryn Juty 1:46:59
1494 Andrew Bruce 1:56:00
1742 Stephen Atkins 1:56:41
2116 Sally Jones 2:03:59
2614 Vicky Berry 2:19:26
3059 Rosalyn Bodi 2:26:34

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