The track is back!

Biggleswade AC chairman Damien Pitts wraps up his track resurfacing diary:

Day 63 – 26 May 2017

Earlier today I attended the handover meeting from the contractors back to Central Beds Council and us. Yes, that does mean that the track resurface work is now complete and we can use the track again.

The track has passed its inspection and is up to the standard set by IAAF. The inspection report is being set off shortly, so that we can get the certificate for the track in order to hold competitions again on the track, but this will take a few weeks.

Tomorrow the high jump and pole vault beds will be put back into position, and the hurdles will be removed out of the Liz Yelling building, so we will have more space again. Next Wednesday the grass around and inside the track will be cut, as its currently very tall.

In the summer, the club will be buying two containers, which will be used to store track and club equipment, in order to reduce the maintenance required for some of the equipment that is left out all year round and to free up more space in the Liz Yelling Building.

The chairman has also circulation a reminder and updated details about the club’s track reopening event to all BAC members…

Some of you have already started to use the track and I hope you are enjoying it.

I would just like to remind you about the invitation for you and your family to come down to Sandy Athletic Track on Saturday 10 June from 2pm to 5pm, to be in a new club photo and try out the newly resurfaced track/new shot put area, as well as new events to you.

The club photo will take place at 2.15pm and please could you be in club kit for this photo. This photo will be used on the Biggleswade AC website, Facebook page and future articles in the local papers.

Following the club photo, you will be invited to take part in the pentathlon. This event consists of 100m, 800m, long jump, javelin and shot put. It doesn’t matter whether you have done one or none of these events before, our coaches will be at each event to provide you with any help or guidance.

Unfortunately our photo finish equipment was damaged a couple of weeks ago and will not be repaired in time for 10th June, so we will be unable to accurately record the times for 100m and 800m, we will be recording these manually but will not be able to award points. However this afternoon is all about you trying out our newly resurfaced track, new events and having fun.

During this afternoon there will be free tea, coffee and squash available from our catering ladies. There will be some food and other drinks for sale, or feel free to bring your own along with you for this afternoon. Please can you not bring alcohol on to or around the track, or anywhere on the school premises.

I hope to see you and your family can make this afternoon.




Biggleswade AC

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