Sandy track resurfacing – days 54 to 57

Almost there!

The club’s chairman, Damien Pitts, writes:

15 May 2017

The line painting of the track, including hammer circle and long jump has now been completed.

The metal inner rail for the track is now back in place, the fence at the end of the home straight has been put back in place and the contractors have started to tidy up their access route to the track.

The contractor will continue to tidy up the site, remove their containers, take down the temporary fencing and a full inspection will be completed on the track. This inspection will include testing the surface of the track, checking that all of the lines are in the correct place and final inspection of the long jump sand pit, hammer circle and shot put area.

Follow the inspection, this report will be sent off to UKA for the track to be certified to take competitions onto the track, this could take a few weeks. Until the track has been certified, we will be unable to hold track competitions on the track.

18 May 2017

The contractors have now put top soil and grass seed down on the access route to the track, removed their containers from site, removed their skip from the car park and reinstated the car park fence. The temporary fence around the track is currently still in place.

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