Track marathons and training woes: BAC members in the media

A couple of BAC members have had stories related to their running in the press recently.

Here’s Stuart Goodwin on his first (and probably only) experience of running marathon distance on a track …

Running in circles: my track marathon

Everyone wants a nice, flat marathon course for a crack at their PB. But 105 laps of the track are not for the faint hearted, as Stuart Goodwin discovered

Time for a gel, courtesy of Stu’s wife Roo. Photo: Vicky Halliwell

In summer 2007, I jogged 8km alone on my club’s track in Sandy. I have rarely been so bored. This unfond memory was just one of many reasons why, on New Year’s Eve, with a browser window open and debit card in hand to enter Warrington’s winter track marathon, I should have stopped myself.

I’d had no joy with the London ballot, and none of the other early-year marathons appealed. So when word reached me of a track marathon in my home town, at the scene of more or less every personal best I set as a youngster (as well as the finish of my one-and-only sub-2hr half, two years ago), all thoughts turned to flatness, bouncy-bouncy track and the lack of need for a running belt. These somehow over-rode the small matter of 105 laps, plus 195 metres, and what this could do to a runner’s head …

Read the feature in full at The Guardian website here.


New member Ricky Byrne had an unfortunate ordeal while out on a training run

Electrician running London Marathon for National Autistic Society bounces back from training collapse

ricky byrne
Ricky in the Sandy 10. Photo: Poppy Jones

A Sandy electrician who is set to run a marathon in aid of autistic youngsters brushed off passing out during training last Thursday to smash the town’s 10-mile race at the weekend.

Ricky Byrne, 33, collapsed from dehydration after straining to beat his personal best last week, and was found unconscious by his wife Kelly on the side of the road.

But determined Ricky – who is running the London Marathon for the National Autistic Society, a cause close to his heart – bounced back for the Sandy 10 on Sunday.

He told the Comet afterwards: “I was racing for my personal best, and my wife essentially saved my life. She took my location from my iPhone and found me unconscious …

Read the story in full at the Comet website here.

More at Electrical Times here.

Click here for essential info on running hydration, or ask any of our coaches! Remember: it’s going to start getting warm out there …

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