Another successful London Marathon for club runners

It was yet another successful London Marathon for the runners of Biggleswade Athletic Club with six of the ten runners finishing in under 4½ hours.

This year the forecasted cooler temperatures were very welcome indeed, by the runners, and this was also reflected in some really good times from everyone.

Marc Deans (one of the lucky winners of the two club places) was the first to reach the supporters team at 14 miles with Chris Watson (pictured below) just a few minutes behind him.  Chris, who was raising money for Macmillan, wasn’t too difficult to miss!VMLM 2016 Chris Watson 2

Despite missing a few weeks of her training because of illness, Hannah Broom still managed to cross the finish line in under 4 hrs with veteran London Marathoner, Ian Skerratt, just 15 mins behind her.

The other recipient of the club’s London Marathon places, Neil Harvey, managed a very commendable 4hrs 18mins in this, his first marathon.

And having only completed the Brighton Marathon the week before, Charlie Arnold’s time for the London Marathon was amazingly just a minute outside of it – how’s that for great pacing.

VMLM 2016 Steve AtkinsAt mile 21 Steve Atkins (pictured left) took the opportunity to stretch out his legs while chatting with the Biggleswade AC supporter’s team, who by now were horse from shouting and beginning to feel the chill of the wind.



Having completed most of their training together, father and daughter, Andy and Steph Bruce, continued to support each right to the finish line.

Club president, Alistair Burt MP, also had a good run in this his tenth London Marathon, and successfully achieved a personal goal to complete a London Marathon in every decade since the race began in 1981.

Biggleswade AC runner’s times are:

Name                               Time
Marc Deans                    03:35:18
Chris Watson                 03:49:28
Hannah Broom             03:54:46
Ian Skerratt                    04:14:58
Neil Harvey                    04:18:51
Charlie Arnold              04:20:34
Steve Atkins                  04:41:07
Steph Bruce                   05:20:07
Andrew Bruce               05:37:26
Alistair Burt                  06:01:34

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