A good “day at the office” for Dan and the Biggleswade AC young-stars

Dan Steel was in action again, last week, this time competing for Bedford & County in the British Athletics League match at Swansea on Saturday 9th May. Dan had a very good “day at the office”, finishing 2nd in the long jump and then two 3rd place finishes in the pole vault and the triple jump.Then it was over to St Ives for the Cambridgeshire AA Development Open meeting on the evening of Wednesday 12th competing in the 100m and the shot put. Again, he marginally missed out on a higher placing but this is early in the season and valuable competition experience for Dan.

EYAL 10 May 2015Younger members of the club attended the second match of the Eastern Young Athletes League held at Peterborough on Sunday 10th, and their outstanding commitment paid dividends as there were no less than 26 new personal best achievements among the team. Morgan Webster, Tom Whinney and Sam Whinney each secured a win in the under 17 men’s 200m, the under 13 men’s 800m and the under 13 men’s javelin, respectively. The under 13 girls 4 x 100m relay team of Jessica Cooke, Emily Day, Georgia Smith and Valerie Snowball (pictured right) also knocked a massive 2 secs off the club record – well done girls!

Euan Dickson-Earle, Ethan Metcalfe and Cybil Laobena were in action last weekend at the Youth Development League meeting at the brand new facility in Little Marlow, Bucks. Euan won the 110m hurdles comfortably, by almost 4 secs and Ethan managed a new season’s best time of 22.21 secs in the 200m. It was also a new personal best time, and a 2nd place, for Cybil Laobena in the discus, as well as 2nd and 3rd place in the 400m hurdles and 100m hurdles respectively. Outstanding performances from all three athletes resulting in valuable points for the team.

It was a busy weekend for Euan, as he was competing again at the Loughborough International Games the following day. He had a bad start in the under 20 men’s 110m hurdles and had to work hard to catch the leader but his efforts were rewarded and he was awarded joint first place. And had he been competing in the senior men’s race his time of 13.88 secs would have been enough to see of many of his opponents.


British Athletics League Division 3 (Match 1), Swansea – Saturday 9th May

Event Posn Name Perf
Pole Vault SM B 3 Daniel Steel 2.20m
Long Jump SM B 2 Daniel Steel 5.49m
Triple Jump SM B 3 Daniel Steel 12.04m

Cambridgeshire AA Development Open, St Ives – Wednesday 12th May, 2015

Event Posn Name Perf
100m SX 5 3 Daniel Steel 12.3s
Shot Put 7.26K SM 4 Daniel Steel 8.33m

Eastern Young Athletes League (Match 2), Peterborough – Sunday 10th May, 2015

Event Posn Name Perf
100 U17M A 2 Morgan Webster 11.9 PB
100 U17M B 3 Bradley Strong 13.0
100 U15M A 6 Callum Stokes 13.5
100 U13M A 3 Cameron Rayner 14.11 PB
100 U13M B 7 Toby Foster 15.5
100 U13M ns 8 Elliott Swinburne 14.3 PB
100 U17W A 5 Chloe Emery 14.0 PB
100 U15W A 7 Jordan Bircumshaw 15.1
100 U13W A 6 Georgia Smith 14.7
100 U13W B 4 Valerie Snowball 15.0
100 U13W ns 14 Lily Coughlan 15.0
3 Emily Day 15.0
9 Jessica Cooke 15.2 PB
5 Imogen McCracken 15.6
17 Abbie Keagan 16.3
200 U17M A 1 Morgan Webster 23.9
200 U17M B 4 Bradley Strong 26.5
200 U13M A 2 Cameron Rayner 28.3 PB
200 U13M B 4 Elliott Swinburne 30.4 PB
200 U15W A 7 Jordan Bircumshaw 30.7 PB
200 U13W A 5 Georgia Smith 31.0 PB
200 U13W B 4 Emily Day 31.6 PB
200 U13W ns 9 Valerie Snowball 30.8 PB
10 Jessica Cooke 31.5
11 Lily Coughlan 31.5
4 Abbie Keagan 34.1
300 U17W A 7 Chloe Emery 46.0 PB
800 U15M A 5 Oliver Hoxey Smith 03:00.3
800 U13M A 1 Tom Whinney 02:33.1 PB
800 U13M B 5 Sam Whinney 03:14.6
800 U15W A 6 Heather Hitchcock 03:00.1 PB
800 U13W A 6 Jessica Cooke 02:52.4
800 U13W B 7 Kira Oestreicher 03:06.3 PB
1500 U15M A 4 Owen Wathen 05:06.4 PB
1500 U13M A 5 Daniel Hemming 05:28.1 SB
70HU13W U13W A 6 Kira Oestreicher 16.70 PB
75HU13M U13M A 4 Toby Foster 16.40 SB
100HU17M U17M A 6 Cybil Laobena 18.10 SB
4×100 U13W 3 Biggleswade AC 59.50 CR
HJ U17W A 3 Chloe Emery 1.45 PB
HJ U13W A 7 Imogen McCracken 1.10
LJ U15M A 3 Callum Stokes 4.75
LJ U13M A 4 Elliott Swinburne 4.43 PB
LJ U13M B 5 Toby Foster 3.66 SB
LJ U13W A 6 Emily Day 3.76 PB
LJ U13W B 6 Kira Oestreicher 3.22 PB
LJ U13W ns 6 Imogen McCracken 3.37
SP5K U17M A 2 Cybil Laobena 8.75 PB
SP4K U15M A 3 Nathan Dodds 9.60 PB
SP4K U15M B 5 Oliver Hoxey Smith 5.08
SP3.25K U13M A 6 Daniel Dodds 3.93
JT600 U15M A 3 Nathan Dodds 29.13 PB
JT600 U15M B 2 Owen Wathen 23.41
JT400 U13M A 3 Tom Whinney 20.84 PB
JT400 U13M B 3 Daniel Hemming 20.02 PB
JT400 U13M ns 1 Sam Whinney 10.25

Youth Development League (Southern, South/West 1B, Little Marlow, Bucks – Saturday 16th May

Event Posn Name Perf
200m U20M A 1 Ethan Metcalfe 22.21 SB
100m Hurdles U17M A 3 Cybil Laobena 19.6
110m Hurdles U20M A 1 Euan Dickson-Earle 14.79
400m Hurdles U17M A 2 Cybil Laobena 72.98 SB
Discus 1.5K U17M 2 Cybil Laobena 20.37 PB

Loughborough International Games – Sunday 17th May

Event Posn Name Perf
110m Hurdles U20M 1 Euan Dickson-Earle 13.88 SB

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